Clogged Pipes – Thursday’s Daily Word Search Puzzle Rant

The pipes got clogged at one of my rental houses, and I learned very quickly that the people at (name withheld so I don’t get sued for telling the truth but their initials are R.R.) are experts at misdirection, deception and changing their story when it comes to pricing.
Even when I called them on it and quoted back what they said, they still twisted it around.
Yep, I’m not happy. The explanation of services and prices AKA their story changed five times! Five times!
Three hundred bucks later, and they wanted an extra $110 to unclog the bathtub AFTER they said it was included.
I sent the guy on his way, went home and got my own snake, and had the bathtub unclogged and running fine in less than five minutes. If I was feeling better to begin with, I might have tackled the whole thing myself. (The clog was between the house and the manhole.
Yep, this one’s going on Angie’s List for sure.
Meanwhile, the list in today’s word search puzzle was provided to us by Barbara in Florida. Thank you, Barbara!

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