Close Up Parking – Tuesday’s Road Hog Word Search Puzzle

I went shopping today, and found two empty parking spots side by side at Wally-World. I took the one on the right.
Mistake! Seems I didn’t learn my lesson from the last time.
Yep, some idiot in an SUV took up not only his spot, but half of mine. I couldn’t open my door to get in my car.
That’s where the trouble began.
After waiting five minutes or so to see if they would come back, I went inside to have them paged, but the line at customer service was very long and only one person was working there.
Well, I knew the code to do a page so I walked over to the clothing area and found an isolated phone, dialed the pager number, and announced “Will the owner of a large SUV taking up two parking spaces come move your car as we are about to have it towed.”
Man, over a dozen people dropped their stuff and went running for the door!
Walking out to my car, I realized the person driving the car next to mine had worse hearing than I do, so I climbed over the passenger seat into the drivers seat (not easy to do in a Smart car) and drove away.
Her’s today’s word search puzzle.

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