Common Six Letter Words – Thursday’s Word Search Puzzle

Today’s word search puzzle is a list of common six letter words.
I wanted to use some four letter words earlier at a lady standing at the Red Box video machine at Wal-Mart.
I had to return a movie, a 20 second chore.
She had to stand there and describe every single movie in the box to someone on the other end of her cell phone. I stood there for almost ten minutes waiting my turn.
The bad part? Right before she finished, she told the person she was talking to that they didn’t have a certain movie, and could they look it up on the computer to see if they had it in the other Red Box machine at the other end of the store so she wouldn’t have to walk all the way there if they didn’t have it.
Why couldn’t she have looked at all the movies on the computer before she got there?
Some people just get stupid when they get on a cell phone.
Others don’t even need a cell phone to get stupid.

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