Confounded Compound Words – Monday’s Word Search Puzzle.

Confoundit! Compound words can get confusing sometimes. I mean my stupid phone spell checked “overclocked” and changed it to “overlooked” on a text message I sent.
The directions I was giving got a little confusing to Bob.
So anyway, I have a list of compound words, or words made by sticking two words together, as the subject of today’s word search puzzle.
And no, Bob, $*#@ does not go with %#@*#! Check your spell checking, and I’m sorry the directions got a little confused and the pump blew up in your face. I’m sure your eyebrows will grow back.
Hey, ‘eyebrows.’ It’s a compound word!
(P.S. – check out the new way the Archives are listed. I think you will like the change.)

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