Friday’s Daily Word Search Puzzle – The View From Up Here

OK, I decided to get a bit crazy today so I raised my chair all the way up.
Yeah! I know!
Crazy, right?
Well, actually, it was a bit painful.
You know how you have to stand up a bit in order to raise your chair?
I forgot to back away from the desk first.
Jarred the desk so hard my monitor fell over and I banged my head on the desk lamp trying to catch it, and ended up dropping the monitor which landed on my foot, pulling my laptop down with it.
Tomorrow I get to use an etch-a-sketch until we can get me a new laptop.
I’m just happy it wasn’t one of those huge desktops you could store things inside of.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.
Enjoy it while I go get an ice pack for my foot.

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