Friday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle

Strange People

There are a lot of strange people in the world. (I know… I don’t have room to talk.)
The thing is, strange people can make for interesting friends.
For example, I know a guy who has dozens of facial piercings, tattoos and wears a man-bun but is a genius when it comes to fixing very tiny things.
He does some of his work using a microscope. He also built a brick wall himself around his back yard to keep his kids safe. The good part?
He made his own bricks and spent about three years doing it.
Then there’s Bob. You’ve heard me talk about him often. No further explanation needed.
The thing is, it doesn’t matter what they look like or what their religion is. If you just take the time to get to know them, you might learn something amazing and useful.
Like how to make your own bricks.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.
Enjoy and please share!

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