Friday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle – Longer Than

You may have noticed last night’s write-up was very short.
This write-up is longer than that one and I have a good excuse.
I was in a hurry because Bob got himself in trouble again and I had to go rescue him before his wife found out.
It seems he stopped by the local tractor sales place and somehow convinced them to let him take a test drive of a tractor.
It went well until he popped a wheelie in the thing (don’t ask me how he managed it because not even the salespeople could figure that one out.)
In the process, he managed to bang into a storage shed and knocked it down, and in a blind panic, he tried to escape on the tractor.
Good thing it had a top speed of about twenty miles an hour!
Anyway, I was able to talk them and the police into not locking him up (again!) but he has to pay the damages or they’ll press charges.
There’s a good chance he’ll do it since I threatened to show his wife the video of him the last time we went to the beach and it just happened to be at the same time 10,000 teenagers were on spring break.
Yeah, that one would get him grounded for life for sure!
OK, enough of this story.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.

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