Heavy Metal – Sunday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle

Talk about some heavy metal! There’s this big metal plate covering up a hole in Bob’s storage shed and he asked me to help move it.
This thing’s about four feet long and nearly that wide and over an inch thick.
Bob said he needed to get something out of the hole. The plate was flat and we couldn’t get a grip on it to lift it up.
I suggested we get a crowbar to get it started, and he agreed. He ran out to get one, and a few minutes later the plate started moving slightly and I heard a banging noise coming from under it.
Bob had crawled under the shed and was trying to use the crowbar to lift it from under there.
No, he didn’t have a good reason for why he didn’t just crawl under there to begin with.
On top of that, he was hiding a six-pack of beer from his wife in the hole because she threw out all his other beer after the last shopping cart race at Wally World.
There went an hour I’ll never get back.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.
Search on!

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