“I Got The Monday Morning Blues!”

Monday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle

It’s Monday, and I don’t want to get out of the bed. It’s too early, and my weekend was too short!
I’d try to figure some way to blame this on Bob, but his wife has grounded him for a week because he tried to have a one man tricycle race in Wally-world, and knocked over a display of canned peas in the grocery section before racing back to the toy section where he destroyed a shelf full of toys.
I guess she felt the knot on his forehead, the Barbee shaped burn mark on his face and being zip-tied handcuffed face down on the floor wasn’t enough punishment for him.
At least it didn’t involve a shopping cart and two nuns this time.
Sigh. I think I’ll get up and see if he made You-Tube again.
Enjoy the puzzle.

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