It’s The Great Word Search Puzzle, Charlie Brown – For Friday!

Thursday was garbage day for us, but the trash didn’t get picked up, or rather the mobile toter didn’t get emptied properly.
It wasn’t the garbage person’s fault, though.
The mailman drove too close to the yard and hit my mobile toter with his truck, and spun it around partway, so when the garbage truck picked it up with it’s big giant robot arm, the lid was facing the wrong direction and as a result the trash didn’t empty out properly.
If you are wondering why I didn’t just turn the mobile toter around after the mailman hit it, it’s because I wasn’t home, but after finding the toter spun around and the lid open my wife asked me to look at the video and that’s how we figured out what happened.
This has nothing to do with the word search puzzle. It’s just me babbling because sometimes I do that. Especially when I think no one is listening.

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