Monday’s Daily Short Time Word Search Puzzle

I’m posting this during commercials so I’m in a tad bit of a hurry.
See, Jessica found out that her college roommate Sharon was secretly dating her father who it turns out is really her uncle who only thought he was her father because of being injured during the war when she was a child.
Meanwhile her real father has been held in a POW camp for twenty years and her older brother has decided to gather some of his army buddies together to go break him out because the government won’t do it so his cousin who just so happens to have a bunch of old army equipment stashed in South America is going to supply him with a helicopter and guns but in reality doesn’t want her father rescued because he married his uncle’s college sweetheart and he never got over losing her to his roommate, especially since he had secretly loved her from afar since the third grade.
Whew! This was supposed to be quick!
Anyway, it’s a bad movie but at least it’s something I haven’t see on TV before.
Enjoy today’s word search puzzle. Now, do we have any more popcorn left?

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