Monday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle – Battery Flop

Well, turning my electric lawnmower into a cordless electric was a slight flop. Not completely, just a little bit.
The batteries I used have just enough juice to run the thing, but not to keep it running for very long.
I’m using some 12 volt batteries I got out of dead UPS’s. The batteries were mostly good, but the electronics in them were shot, and I picked out a dozen good working ones, and will recycle the bad ones.
The problem is I just don’t have quite enough amp hours for the motor in the lawn mower.
Hey, it was worth a shot, and I didn’t pay anything for them, just a little bit for the parts for the wiring harness, etc.
I will research better batteries and see what turns up.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle to start your week.

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