Monday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle – Bigger Shovel

Hay ya’ll! I know this is going to be a bit long-winded, but here goes.
I got a call from a woman telling me that my credit card needed to be upgraded because it wasn’t secure (it is) and that recent changes in government rules would triple my interest rate (they won’t) and that they were the only company I could change to that would guarantee me a low fixed rate on them because all the others were going to be raised up by the government.
I decided to play along to see how far they would go and asked what the interest rate would be. She wouldn’t give me an exact figure and finally told me that it would depend on my income and my current rate.
I asked what my current rate had to do with what they would charge and she couldn’t give me an answer to that.
Anyway, I kept playing dumb and asked questions no intelligent person would ask and she just kept piling it on.
When she finally asked me for my card number so she could get my new card out to me right away, I told her she was so nice I wanted her to have the free gift they were giving me. She asked “what free gift?”
I told her I meant the shovel they were going to give me. I said I lived in a condo so I didn’t need a shovel but thought she could use it.
I swear she didn’t have a clue to what I meant!
Long story short, I didn’t giver her my info but I did tie her up for a good ten minutes which at least slowed her down on scamming someone else.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.

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