Monday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle – Puzzle Time

It’s time for today’s word…
Hang on, I have to answer the door…
What? No, I don’t know where the girl scouts are. Excuse me.
OK, kids! I’m back! As I was saying, it’s time for today’s…
Now what? Be right back.
No, I don’t want any girl scout… What flavor? OK, but I can only afford ten boxes.
Sheesh! Enough with the interruptions.
It’s time for, oh for goodness sake!
Hang on!
It was Bob. He heard I had cookies. I gave him a couple and sent him home.
OK, one more time. It’s – no!!!!! Not again! Be right back.
No, I don’t know where Bob is. I gave him some cookies and sent him… What kind? Samoas, of course.
Sure. Have a couple of – not boxes! Bring those back and…
Sigh… Well, hopefully, that’s it for now and we can get to the… The… Gee whiz! Now I don’t remember! Something to do with cookies, I think.

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