New 30-Day Challenge

Wednesday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle

On November 15th, I and some folks I work with will be starting a new 30-day challenge and I’m inviting everyone to join us.
I’ll tell you what it is we are going to give up for thirty days in a moment.
The good news is that there is one allowable exception but only on a certain day.
More good news is that if you succeed you will feel much better and maybe even lose some weight.
OK, here’s the challenge:
Starting on November 15th and for 30 days, we are giving up candy, cookies, cake, etc. Pretty much everything sweet.
The one exception is that on Thanksgiving day you can eat some pie. Not a whole pie, but the normal amount you would eat on Thanksgiving after your regular Thanksgiving dinner.
When I did the 30-day drink only water challenge I did feel a lot better after the first week and it wasn’t that hard to avoid sodas and the like.
Whew! I’m going into withdrawal just thinking about it!
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.

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