Pardon Me, But What’s Your Name And What Are You Doing To My Fish?

Sunday’s Daily Word Search Puzzle

Mary sent me a couple of lists of names a little while back, and I finally had a chance to use them for a word search puzzle.
Thank you, Mary.
Oh, you were wondering about the fish?
Glad you asked.
I was in a pet store looking at a fish I was thinking about buying, when this kid of about twelve came up and started tapping on the glass, then he started making strange faces at the fish.
Then it got weird.
He actually pressed his face against the glass and started licking it like he was a fish cleaning the glass.
I think the fish thought he was about to get eaten because it started swimming around in circles very fast!
At that point I decided not to buy the probably by now psychotic fish, and I left the store, leaving the kid to his glass licking.

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