Road Blockage – Wednesday’s Move over Daily Word Search Puzzle

Some folks are a little clueless. This morning one of my neighbors had a visitor who not only parked in the middle of the road, he left the driver side door open while he stood on the porch talking to my neighbor.
I couldn’t get around as there wasn’t enough room – there was a car parked on the other side, and the driver seemed oblivious that I was there wanting to go around. I tapped on my horn and they just glanced in my general direction then went back to their conversation.
I waited a half minute to see if he was going to come back to his car, but he just stood there talking.
I tapped on my horn again, this time a bit harder, and this time they gave me a look like “what’s your problem?”
My problem is I was going to be late for work if he didn’t move. I waited another 30 seconds while three other cars piled up behind me waiting to go.
By now everyone was starting to blow their horn. The guy looked at me like it was my fault the other drivers were honking, and threw his hands up in the air, then turned back to my neighbor who was looking embarrassed about the whole thing.
Finally I opened my car door and stood up and said “Sir, would you please move your car? You’re blocking traffic and people need to get to work.”
This rocket scientist just flipped me off and went back to his conversation, so I calmly walked to his car, locked his door and closed it, then drove around.
Well, he was not happy, especially when more than one person behind me gave him the one finger salute as they went by.
Granted, I probably should not have locked his door, but I guarantee he will remember that next time.
Enjoy today’s word search puzzle!

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