Running For Home – Tuesday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle.

We got some rain Monday. I was ready to leave for work when I remembered my umbrella was in my car so I made a mad dash only to find my key fob had quit working.
I fumbled around with getting it unlocked the old fashioned way and got in only partially soaked.
The umbrella wasn’t there…
Since the walk from my car back to my house was a heck of a lot shorter than the walk from my car to the building I work in, I decided to go back inside and find an umbrella.
No such luck…
They were all in my wife’s car.
I pulled an umbrella out of her car then headed back inside to change clothes as I was soaked.
When I was ready to leave for work, I made a disturbing discovery.
The umbrella was broken…
Story of my life, I swear!
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.

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