Sunday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle – Things Undone

Well, I didn’t get my lawn mowed yesterday like I had hoped. Since it’s raining like crazy right now I may not get it done today either!
We actually went shopping for a new electric lawn mower. We wanted one that ran on battery power so we don’t have to drag the power cord around behind us.
Besides, it can be rather shocking to see what happens if you run over the cord!
Here’s today’s word search puzzle, made with 100% recycled words. I find that when I create new words other people don’t understand them.
Like “gressely.” Bet you don’t know what that means.
Here, I’ll use it in a sentence: “Bob was mad and he spoke to me ‘gressely.”
That one needs work. I’ll get back to you on it when I get the bugs worked out.
Keep searching!

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