Sunday’s New Lawn Mower Daily Word Search Puzzle

I finally got that new lawn mower today. Getting it was a bit of a nightmare.
I went to the local big box hardware store where they listed three as being in stock. One was the display model and after three hours they couldn’t find the other two.
Then I went to their store in the next city over where they also listed three of them.
One was the display model and the boxes were opened on the other two. Having been burned on open box items before I declined, and drove 30 minutes to get to the third one of their stores on the other side of the city where they listed 21 of them in stock.
Yep, only two on the floor. One was set up as a display with other things piled on top and the other one had stuff piled in front of it.
We got it moved and took it to the checkout. I got it home, charged the battery and mowed my lawn.
Mission accomplished! It did a good job, too!
After all that it’s amazing I had time to make today’s word search puzzle, but here it is.

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