Sunday’s “Send In The Clowns” Daily Word Search Puzzle.

Someone protect me from the clowns shopping at Wally World, especially at this time of year.
I simply went to return a DVD from the big red box at the front of the store, and almost got run over by someone’s grandmother pushing her cart like a sailor trying to make happy hour.
I mean, I don’t move that fast, even if they have something I really want on sale for 90% off and I know they only have one in stock.
Of course, they were out in force out in the parking lot too. (It seems the “No Parking” signs don’t apply to illeterates and people in a hurry to shop.)
OK, I’ve ranted enough for one day. I’m going to go drink some hot chocolate with marshmallows to see if that will bring my blood presure back down.
Here’s the puzzle. Enjoy!

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