The Blue Pencil – Tuesday’s Daily Word Search Puzzle

I have a blue pencil. It’s special. You see, way, way back in high school one day I didn’t have a pencil and we had a test.
The prettiest girl in class sat next to me and I asked if she had one I could borrow.
She just snickered and looked away.
Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, and the girl behind me, someone I had never really noticed before, gave me a pencil.
That simple act of kindness made me look at her in a different way, and I realized the “plain Jane’s” of the world had a lot to offer.
Yep, it was a defining moment for me.
Of course I still got all stupid whenever the pretty girl came around, but it taught me not to ignore the others.
I still have the pencil. I found it in a box of old, old junk when I was cleaning out the attic, and it made me smile.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.
Enjoy, and please share with others!

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