Thursday’s “Following Too Closely” Daily Word Search Puzzle

I’m a tad bit unhappy at the moment. Someone who doesn’t believe the laws of physics applies to him decided to ride my bumper on my way home from work.
If he hadn’t insisted on following so closely, I might have found a blank spot in the next lane over and given him room to go around.
No, I wasn’t going slow. I was driving according to traffic conditions and if anything, I was going slightly faster than the people in the other lane.
Of course, I couldn’t go any faster than those ahead of me, but that fact seemed to beyond his grasp, as was the fact that there was another lane to the left of me he could have used.
Oh, well. I made my turn and he got around me even if he did say some rude things to me as he went by.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle. Enjoy!

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