Thursday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle – Frozen Bob

Bob decided to sit out in his car for a bit last night after a ‘discussion’ with his wife.
She found him sleeping in it and decided to teach him a lesson.
She hooked up the water hose and sprayed the car until a nice layer of ice formed around it with Bob still inside.
She put the hose away, went inside, then called him on his cell phone to wake him up while recording the icy scene.
She wanted to see Bob try to get out of the car.
Well, Bob didn’t answer his phone and after a bit, she began to panic so she went back outside and tried to open the door.
It was frozen shut, of course.
She frantically called me thinking Bob had frozen to death inside the car and so I went out into the cold to help chip open a door.
We were chipping away when Bob came walking up behind us wanting to know what was going on.
Seems he had put a coat and hat inside the car as a decoy and walked down the street to a bar. He didn’t answer his phone because he had left it in the coat.
Guess he’s a bit smarter than we gave him credit for.
Here’s today’s word search puzzle.

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