Tuesday’s Word Search Puzzle – What Bugs Me

OK, I’m being bugged by bugs.
I thought we got rid of them all, and were bug free for over a week.
Today their relatives showed up, looking for revenge. Hundreds of the things, all over the place.
The good news is that most of them stayed outside.
The bad news is that a bunch still made it inside, and got everywhere. I’ve been using my electric fly-swatter (it’s a bug zapper shaped like a short tennis racquet) so much I’ve gone through two sets of batteries and am on my third.
In the morning, I’m going to go buy a couple of the bug zappers you hang up and plug in. At least one will be inside my house, with several outside. I expect a high electric bill.
Meanwhile, here is today’s word search puzzle. I corrected all misspellings caused by swatting bugs while typing.

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