Wednesday’s Free Daily Word Search Puzzle – The Keeper

Everyone knows a Keeper. They are the person who borrows small stuff and never returns it.
I use ink pens with a nice gel-padded barrel because my hands are somewhat stiff, and it makes it easier to hold onto them.
The Keeper where I work has ‘borrowed’ a couple of these, but this time I was ready. I took one, drilled a hole in the top and ran a piece of picture hanging wire through the hole.
I then attached it to a piece of plexiglass about an inch and a half wide by seven inches long that I had engraved my name into.
It’s like those restroom keys they give you at the gas station. They want it back.
I think I got the message across to them. Notice I’m not referring to them as either “he” or “she.” I don’t want to embarrass them any more than I have already.
Yes, I got to keep my pen this time, but it’s a pain to write with that thing hanging from it.
Enjoy today’s word search puzzle and please share!

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