Wednesday’s “People Are Crazy” Daily Word Search Puzzle

I ran into a crazy person today. I won’t give you a ton of details, but let’s just say that it involved two hams, a hat, and a price marked wrong.
No, it wasn’t Bob. It was an irate shopper who thought she was going to get two large hams for two dollars, and she was a bit disturbed when the manager wouldn’t let her have them.
The hat?
It was hers, and when she started flinging the hams at the manager it fell off of her head.
Inside was some other items she thought she was going to get for free.
I tell you what. It doesn’t pay to be a crazy person and greedy at the same time. I thought the cops were going to taser her to get her out of the store.
I’m sure the video would be a You-Tube sensation, but stupid me left his cell phone out in the car, dangit! Oh, well. Maybe someone else got it.
OK, here’s your word search puzzle with words thoughtfully provided by Barbara in Florida.
Thank you Barbara!

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