Wednesday’s “Silent Bob” Daily Word Search Puzzle

How many of you out there remember “Silent Bob?”
Well, Bob, my neighbor is usually anything but silent, but tonight he’s as quiet as a mouse with laryngitis.
That’s because he went to a game of mud football, where the game is played on a muddy field, and sometimes in the rain.
Well, this one was held when it was about forty degrees and being Bob, he kept running into the field and falling into the mud.
The quiet part?
Well, first he yelled his fool head off rooting for his team, and second, his wife had to pick him up in her brand new car she had saved up ten years to buy for cash.
She made him ride in the trunk because there was no way she was going to let him ride sitting on those brand new leather seats.
Of course, he was still a bit drunk and yelling when she pulled up next to a cop car at a stop light.
Needless to say, they were a bit concerned about the gentleman in the trunk of the car yelling because he wanted out.
After she had a few words with her husband in front of the cops and at the cops, there was a quick trip ‘downtown’ where she posted her bail but left Bob behind to sober up and hopefully get a shower or two.
Now Bob can’t say a single word for at least a week and he has to pay for the detail shop to clean the mud out of the trunk.
She’s silent too, and probably won’t speak to him for at least a month.
Yep, my neighbors are anything but boring.
Enjoy today’s word search puzzle.

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